All Cuul Apparel all items are made to order, which means that each item is custom dyed, designed, printed, processed, and shipped.


Dyed Apparel Policy:
The nature of tie dye and bleach dye is that it is unique and random, therefore no two items will be the same. This applies to the pattern of the dyed apparel, as well as the vibrancy of the colors. If you order a shirt with the intention of it looking the exact same way as in the photographs, you may be disappointed. When you order a custom piece of clothing that is either tie dyed or bleach dyed, you are forfeiting your ability to make complaints about the appearance of the apparel in relation to a picture or your expectations. We take pride and joy in these creations, and assure you that any item you receive from us will meet our high quality standards and expectations. If there is damage to a garment or item, it will not be shipped to you and instead, it will be remade for you. Due to this policy, we do not accept returns OR exchanges on any of our dyed apparel.
Printed Apparel Policy:
As stated above, at Cuul Apparel we custom print all of our items, whether it be a Phone Case, T-Shirt, or any other printed items. This means that once an order is made, it is sent through our printing system to be printed, assembled, packaged and shipped to the customer. We do not use a print-on-demand service, as we personally print every item ourselves. In order to keep quality at its highest level, we make sure every product meets our quality standards and expectations before shipping it out to you. Therefore, you will not receive a damaged product in the mail. Because of this quality-check policy that we have, we do not accept returns under any circumstance. However, if you are truly disappointed with your item's design, you may request to make an exchange with an item of equal or higher value. 
Exchange Policy:
Exchanges are ONLY possible for our PRINTED apparel, NOT our dyed apparel. If you are disappointed with your product's design, you may request to make an exchange with a product of equal or higher value within 24 hours of delivery. We do ask that if you are requesting to make an exchange that you pay for the postage to return the original item in its original condition, as well as pay for any difference owed with the new item as well as the postage required to ship that item to you. 
We are not a major corporation, and hope you'll understand that this policy is simply in place to protect ourselves and our customers as well as to assure we deliver the highest quality products that we can.